6h Monza – European Endurance VRS Series

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WPR Racing competed in the European Endurance VRS Series with 3 teams, and only one did make it to the finish. It became one of the worst races in WPR history.

Team Yellow
Car: LMP2 (Dallara P217)
Drivers: Remko Barlow and Ferdinand Geertman
Team Yellow did not make it to the end. Due to some incidents during the start of the race, the team had to retire in Lap

Team Orange
Car: GTE (Ferrari 488)
Drivers: Mike van der Veer and Sander Reij.
Team Orange did not start the race due to not complying with race license regulations.

Team Blue
Car: LMP2 (Dallara P217)
Drivers: Wesley Geelhoed and Adri Kerstens
Team Blue did finish, but unfortunately, we had to start with a disadvantage of 7 Laps. The race itself went very well for Team Blue and we ended up on P16. Good comeback!

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