10h of Suzuka | All hail the KING!!

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WPR Racing Team OrangeĀ 
Car: Audi R8 LMS GT3
Drivers: Stefan Bekhuis, Sander Reij and Wesley Geelhoed

WPR Team Orange did not end the race, due to hardware failures by driver Wesley Geelhoed.


WPR Racing Team Blue
Car: Ferrari GT3 Evo
Drivers: Remco Koning and Peter den Otter

WPR Team Blue was the only team who finished during the 10H of Suzuka. And the way it was done was unbelievable!

Remco has driven from hour 3 until the end. Which means he has driven 7 hours straight on his own. His teammate Peter had some technical issues at his end so he couldn’t race anymore. So it was a tremendous performance from him to finish the race in P12 while driving 70/80% alone. Well done Remco!! You’ve really made WPR great againšŸ˜€!


WPR Racing Team Yellow
Drivers: Ferdinand Geertman, Maarten de Wit and Remko Barlow

WPR Team Yellow ended up with a DNF due to multiple crashes during the race.